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Berna Biotech Pharma GmbH is a renewal of the former Berna Biotech Ltd. This company was the former Swiss Serum and Vaccine Institute founded in 1898, renamed to Berna Biotech Ltd. in 2001. It was a listed company (Swiss Exchange) and one of the top 5 companies globally active in the vaccine business producing more than 20 different vaccines and present in all markets of the world. 

With the young Berna Biotech Pharma GmbH we will revive this vaccine giant, which has now cease its activities, with the know-how of the former R&D Lead of Berna Biotech Ltd. and the same strains.

Our Vision



Be a key player with sustainable profit in the fight against epidemics, with high quality vaccines and immunotherapeutics


Be a recognized innovation partner in the fight against infectious and chronic diseases and committed to the One Health concept, as we believe that Zoonosis can only be avoided if the animal world is healthy. Animal vaccines are therefore part of our mission.


To build a vaccine manufacturing plant in Switzerland producing with high level technology to be able to produce our own vaccines in Switzerland



Focus the R&D efforts on highly innovative vaccines and monoclonal antibodies in the areas of Cancer, Transmissible and Chonical Diseases with the overall goal to discover, develop and produce life-saving and life-embracing medicines and vaccines, and make them accessible for people and animals everywhere.

Bring a new vaccine generation on the market using reverse genetic with attenuated measles virus.

Build a state-of-the-art multipurpose production facility with a high degree of automation using the most advanced digital and data-driven technologies to:

  • Produce more and cheaper vaccine in a shorter time.

  • Tackle the issue of vaccine shortages and therefore save lives,

  • Respond faster to new epidemics or pandemics,

  • Expand the life-saving impact of vaccines around the world,

  • Be a major supplier for WHO efforts to eradicate some viral diseases

Operate our business in an ethical manner with unwavering commitment to honesty, integrity and respect our environment ​

Our Mission
the team
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